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I have been a DJ since 1986. I was born into the profession as my family owned and operated a nightclub. My skills have been utilized in several different areas such as weddings, bar-mitzvahs, house parties and graduation parties, football rallies, club DJ and radio DJ.  I've worked in the island of Jamaica, New York City, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Connecticut and San Antonio Texas.

I offer as many free consultations that it takes before your event. I use turntables, CDs or strictly digital if required. My music collection is very extensive being in the business for almost 30 years, covering all genres from the 40s straight up to today.

I am very interested in tailoring my talents to meet that of you, the client, and willing to teach my trade to anyone who is interested. I have a great speaking voice and can MC your event to agreed upon specifications.

Ladies and gentlemen!! Let's have a party!! Let the dancing begin as I mix to your beat!!